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【正规ag体育客户端】European teenagers face having to secure parental permission to join the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat before the age of 16, under new EU data protection proposals that are riling US technology companies.按照新的欧盟数据保护建议,将近16岁的欧洲青少年必需再行取得父母表示同意才能重新加入Facebook、Instagram和Snapchat之类的平台,这让美国科技公司深感气愤。The new regulations would make it illegal for companies to handle data from anyone 15 years or younger without the consent of parents, potentially blowing a hole in the business models of social media companies that have relied on teenage users for rapid growth.新的法规将意味著,企业如果处置没同意父母许可的15岁或以下青少年的数据,将包含非法行为,潜在毁坏倚赖青少年用户构建快速增长的社交媒体公司的商业模式。A senior executive at one US tech group said: “This is a ban that will [require] millions of kids and teenagers to get permission from their parents to use internet services. That includes email accounts, social media platforms and downloading apps.”美国某家科技公司的一名高管回应:“这项禁令将(拒绝)数以百万计的儿童和青少年取得父母的许可才能用于互联网服务。

它还包括电子邮件账户、社交媒体平台和iTunes应用于。”US tech groups are lobbying against the proposal — a last-minute amendment to rules on data protection which have been working their way through Brussels since 2012.美国科技集团于是以游说赞成上述建议——该建议是对自2012年以来仍然谋求在布鲁塞尔取得通过的数据保护法案的最后一刻改动。

A coalition including Google, Facebook and Twitter yesterday accused negotiators of rushing the amendment and not consulting child safety organisations. The ICT Coalition for Children Online said there had been no explanation for raising the age to 16, and pushed for it to remain at 13, saying it would only give incentives children between 13 and 16 to lie about their age and could restrict their access to important online support services.还包括谷歌(Google)、Facebook和Twitter在内的联盟昨日谴责谈判者匆忙明确提出修正内容,而没咨询儿童安全性的组织。儿童在线信息和通信技术联盟(ICT Coalition for Children Online)回应,涉及方没对年龄下限提升至16岁作出任何说明,并主张将容许仍然维持在13岁。该联盟回应,这只不会让13岁至16岁的青少年在年龄上骗子,并有可能容许他们采访最重要的在线反对服务。


Alexander Whalen, senior policy manager of Digital Europe, a group that represents the tech industry in Brussels, said: “It is unreasonable to think that a child of 15 needs parental consent in every situation. These are last-minute changes”.在布鲁塞尔代表科技行业的的组织——数字欧洲(Digital Europe)的高级政策主管亚历山大维伦(Alexander Whalen)回应:“指出一个15岁的孩子在每种情况下都必须父母许可是不合理的。这些是最后一刻才作出的改动。

”The amendment states that processing data of “a child below the age of 16 years shall only be lawful if and to the extent that such consent is given or authorised by the holder of parental responsibility over the child”. In previous drafts, this limit applied only to those 13 and under.修正案规定,处置“16岁以下孩子的数据只有在对孩子享有监护权的人表示同意或者许可的情况下才是合法的”。在先前的草案中,这种容许仅有限于于13岁及以下的孩子们。The final round of talks between the European Parliament and member states will start today, with legislators hoping to have a deal finalised by the end of the year. Teenagers brought up in the digital age tend to be early adopters of social networks, which use this as a sales pitch to lure advertisers, who fear they cannot reach a young audience that no longer watches much live TV. This has led to groups such as Snapchat, which lets users send pictures that disappear after a few seconds, being valued at $16bn earlier this year.欧洲议会(European Parliament)和欧盟成员国之间的最后一轮谈判将于今日开始,议员们期望在今年年底前定案协议。






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